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I don’t have a best friend. I learned fairly recently the one I considered such for all these years did not consider me the same. It does make sense though, all the lip-service promises she made me and all those times she let me down. She hurt me and I don’t think she knows. I forgave and made excuses every time. Though the truth hurts, I am free. The world seems just a little more lonely now.

The Big Bang Theory and "Nice Guys" and Fan Fiction


So, I’ve been marathoning TBBT for the last week. While I watch the show, I’m laughing and squealing and rolling my eyes and getting giddy over the science-y in jokes. Then about an hour later I realize I’m unsettled and irritable.

There’s the obvious problematic issues with race and gender and…

YES THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THIS! This is why I had such a problem with Leonard and Penny getting engaged and that it was framed as a positive thing. Many instances throughout the series have demonstrated how wrong they are for each other. I hope they don’t go through with getting married, it would not bode well for either of them.

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