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My dream for season 3 of House of Cards is for Gavin Orsay and Rachel Posner to unite — joining forces from the deepest fringes of society — and work together to bring down Washington. Or at least the Presidency. But of course, the idea of a hacker and a call girl (and a guinea pig!) singlehandedly uprooting American politics is exactly the sort of outsider romanticism I will always dream of and defend. :)

Whut? Yes, me too! And with their faces combined they will be Team Cashew and they will take down those corrupt fuckers!


Want to create and roleplay an otaku senshi but not quite sure what you want or don’t have fully formed ideas of your own? Why not browse the newly opened Otakus ‘R Us and see if you can adopt one of our premade otakus? Senshi, villains, knights, and more available!

You should mention that your “otaku senshi” are created from the Sailor Senshi Maker created by Doll Divine with art by Drache Rannak

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